Fear Free leads to lower relinquishment rates

Concrete results speak to the power of positive training in the veterinary hospital.

Need more evidence that proper training and handling result in better lives for pets? Here it is: One Detroit-area veterinarian spent years studying trends relating to pets adopted from a local shelter. She examined relinquishment rates before and after her clinic started offering classes promoting positive training with a Fear Free component for new puppy owners.

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In the audio clip above, Fear Free trailblazer and Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Marty Becker, DVM, relates the observations of practitioner Theresa DePorter, DVM, ECAWBM, DACVB, who saw rates of pet relinquishment decline dramatically following the introduction of classes.

"Two years later, 93 percent of the pets adopted from the shelter that went through the class were still in the home," Dr. Becker says.

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