FDA video: The dangers of xylitol


Regular reports of xylitol poisoning in dogs motivated the U.S. Center of Veterinary Medicine to release a quick article and a 90-second video on how to keep pets safe.

Sugar-free gum is a big no-no for pets, and a short new video from the FDA tries to get that point across to owners. (pixarno/stock.adobe.com)

Inspired by a recent dog poisoning involving sugar-free ice cream, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Center for Veterinary Medicine has shared a 90-second video explaining the dangers of the sugar substitute xylitol to pets.

The video opens with a quick warning that xylitol ingestion can be fatal in dogs and any worry that a dog has eaten something containing the sweetener requires a visit to the veterinarian and/or a call to a poison helpline. It then outlines the effects of xylitol intoxication and dives into the biggest piece of advice for pet owners: Keep items with xylitol out of reach of pets and read labels on foods and other items before sharing with pets.

Check out the video and an accompanying article with advice from FDA veterinarian Martine Hartogensis, DVM.

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