FDA provides funding opportunity for antimicrobial data collection


The cooperative agreements are a step toward the agency's efforts to support research with diverse animal sectors.

Photo: Jonatan Runblad/Adobe Stock

Photo: Jonatan Runblad/Adobe Stock

Proposals for cooperative agreement funding to support the collection of antimicrobial use data from animal sectors are being accepted by the FDA through May 13, 2024. Up to 3 awards in fiscal year (FY) 2024 will provide a total of $600,000, and up to 5 awards in FY 2025 will total $1,000,000.1

Officials with the FDA will prioritize allocation of the FY 2024 funds to proposals that specifically target collecting data about use of antimicrobials in domestic livestock including cattle and swine, and poultry such as turkeys and chickens. The agency encourages applicants to apply in FY 2025 with proposals targeting data collection in companion animal and minor species.1 Eligible applicants include small businesses; township, city, county and state governments; Native American tribal organizations, independent school districts, nonprofit organizations that are not higher education institutions; private, public and state-controlled higher education institutions; public housing authorities, and special government districts.2

Each FY 2024 award would provide 1 year of support up to $200,000 and may lead to additional support for up to 4 additional years, contingent upon recipient performance, annual appropriations, and availability of funding. Funding recipients would be expected to contribute to the development of data collection frameworks, including providing data and expertise towards developing a data repository as resources and public-private partnership framework becomes available.1

Through cooperative agreement funding, officials with the agency hope to build upon the FDA’s ongoing efforts to better understand antimicrobial use in the US and improve antimicrobial stewardship in animals. The FDA believes it is important to support new and ongoing efforts to collect antimicrobial use data in various veterinary sectors as the agency continues to further develop a broader public-private partnership model to collect and analyze antimicrobial use data.1

Candidates can apply for cooperative agreement funding at grants.gov. The funding opportunity number is RFA-FD-24-031.2


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