FDA approves new combination parasite preventive


The sarolaner-moxidectin-pyrantel chewable is 100% effective both in preventing heartworm and in killing adult fleas 8 hours after treatment.

Simparica Trio

Zoetis has announced the FDA approval of Simparica Trio, the first isoxazoline combination product to provide comprehensive protection against the most common internal and external parasites, according to a company release.

Through the combination of sarolaner, moxidectin and pyrantel, Simparica Trio protects dogs against heartworm disease, fleas, ticks (Amblyomma americanum, Amblyomma maculatum, Dermacentor variabilis, Ixodes scapularis, and Rhipicephalus sanguineus),roundworms (immature and adult Toxocara canis and adult Toxascaris leonina) and hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum and Uncinaria stenocephala).The product is approved for use in dogs 8 weeks and older weighing at least 2.8 lb, and is expected to be available by late April.

“Comprehensive parasite protection is a critical component of every annual wellness exam, and veterinarians should strongly recommend year-round, broad-spectrum protection for all patients,” said Chris Adolph, DVM, MS, DACVM (Parasitology), senior veterinary specialist at Zoetis, in the release. “Simparica Trio makes it easier for dog owners to follow their veterinarians’ recommendations for parasite protection because it covers the most common parasites in just one convenient chewable.”

Simparica Trio should be used with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. Sarolaner, one of the active ingredients in Simparica Trio, has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions including tremors, ataxia and seizures in dogs with or without a history of neurologic disorders.

The safe use of Simparica Trio has not been evaluated in breeding, pregnant or lactating bitches. The most commonly reported adverse effects in clinical trials were vomiting and diarrhea.

Treatment with Simparica Trio can begin at any time of the year and should be administered year‑round at monthly intervals. For more information about this product, visit simparicatriodvm.com.

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