Faithful follow-ups bond pet owners


Learn how follow-up calls help strengthen the client-clinic bond.

The Family Friends Veterinary Hospital in Citrus Heights, Calif., takes its name to heart: Like a doting parent, the practice duly checks on each patient's well-being. "Whether it's a dental or a general exam, we call clients a day or two after their visit to see how 'Fluffy' is doing," says Lindsay Heidelberger, lead customer service representative. "This lets our clients know that we really do care about their pets, and it presents another opportunity to field any questions or concerns they may have." The only exceptions to this rule are quickie treatments like nail trims or anal gland expressions. "It's worth the effort and cost of staff time because we're able to answer any questions an owner may have and find out if there are any complications or issues that require a medical progress exam or medication," Heidelberger says.

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