Exclusive: Moichor opens preorders for image-based CBC point-of-care device


According to Moichor, the AI-powered CBC device will make it possible to receive a STAT pathology review within 2 hours of running the slide through the device

James Thew / stock.adobe.com

James Thew / stock.adobe.com

Moichor, an AI-powered animal diagnostic company, announced today it will open preorders for its image-based, point-of-care, complete blood count (CBC) device. According to a press release from Moichor, this device is the first of its kind in the veterinary space, and the inspiration behind the company’s technology is the desire to make pathology-level insights the standard of veterinary health rather than a diagnostic only for the sickest patients.1

The company’s CEO, Shevy Karbassi, says the device’s value comes from what happens when Moichor’s software parses and organizes the images of cells. “The device makes high-throughput image-based CBCs possible in a way that can sort, share, and analyze pathology objects,” Moichor CEO Shevy Karbasi said. “That means a slide of any species can be run anywhere in the world and our computer vision software will immediately be able to count and organize these objects,” he said.1

“If the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sees a particular set of objects, or perhaps a species that needs more training data, the sample is flagged for a pathologist review and the AI organizes the objects for the pathologist,” he added.

Kaori Davis DVM, PhD, DACVP (Clinical Pathology), director of pathology at Moichor, said the sorting makes it possible to achieve a higher level of accuracy and less variability. “The AI sorting allows us to review large numbers of cells in a shorter amount of time, and it also lets us compare the morphology of the same cells side-by-side, which cannot be done with traditional microscopy,” she said.

According to Karbasi, the company’s pathologist-trained computer vision algorithm consists of more than 2 million pathology objects from over 350 different species—not just mammals.1

“With Moichor, all CBCs come with a complementary pathology review and this device will make it possible to get a STAT pathology review in under 2 hours from running the slide through the device,” Karbasi said.

One of the biggest advantages, according to Davis, is that everyone is looking at the same images. “When the device scans a slide and organizes the pathology objects, both the clinician and my team are all looking at the same cells. We can show what we’re looking at and how that impacts our interpretation,” Davis said. “That wasn’t previously possible.”

With the software having now viewed over 2 million pathology objects, Moichor released 36 new reference intervals. Karbasi said Moichor is currently putting devices in select clinics throughout the US to refine the hardware but anticipates the first commercially available devices to begin shipping to customers in September 2022. In the meantime, Moichor continues to offer complimentary pathology for all hematology.


Moichor opens preorders for image-based CBC point-of-care device. News release. Moichor. April 18, 2022.

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