Even indoor cats should have pet health insurance


Dr. Wooten: Danielle, how would you respond to a client who says, ‘My cat doesn’t need insurance because he just lives indoors.’

Mr. Russ: While I could understand where a client would think that an outdoor cat is more at risk, and they probably are more at risk for more catastrophic events such as being hit by cars or dog or cat attacks, the truth is, though, there are diseases in felines that do not discriminate between indoor and outdoor cats, as well as indoor cats’ lifespan is upwards to five times that of an outdoor cat, so you’re going to have that beloved feline much longer and over that course of time, there's more chances of something going on. I would say that that cat is even more eligible for pet insurance and could really reap the benefits of that.

Dr. Wooten: Yes, I think celebrating the fact that the owner knows that his cat is going to be safer living inside yes, you’re totally right, but here are some extra things that you need to know about and I need to tell you about that because I care about your cat.

Ms. Russ: Yes, absolutely.

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