Ergonomically Designed Injector


The Extended Vaximate? is a back-saver when giving injections.

The Extended Vaximate™ is a back-saver when giving injections. The ergonomically designed, 20-in. extended shaft offers a better reach, with a comfortable v-shaped handle.

Extended Vaximate is a faster, safer injector suitable for bottles up to 250 ML, with a spigot cap to allow attachment of a draw-off tube. The original Needle Release Grip (NRG) cap allows easy and safe replacement of needles. Your Extended Vaximate will last longer and will save time and labor since the NRG Cap stays affixed and limits nib breakages while adding strength in this area when injecting. It is so easy toremove needles that users change them more often, thus reducing cross-contamination of infection.

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