Equine research grants awarded


Three veterinarians will share grant money totaling $18,818 to pursue research projects benefiting equine medicine.

Three veterinarians will share grant money totaling $18,818 to pursueresearch projects benefiting equine medicine.

The grants were approved by the American Association of Equine Practitioners(AAEP) Board of Directors earlier this year.

The recipients and projects are:

·Dr. Allison Stuart, Department of Clinical Sciences, The OhioState University: Validation of diagnostic tests for hypomagnesemia in anequine model of dietary-induced magnesium deficiency.

·Dr. Emily Graves, Department of Large Animal Sciences, MichiganState University: In-equine peripheral Cushing's syndrome associated withhypothyroidism.

·Dr. Travis B. Meredith, Medicine and Reproduction Section, Universityof Pennsylvania: Utilization of the thyrotropin-releasing hormone test tostudy the effect of thyroid function on fertility in the mare.

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