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The energy of the human-animal bond (Proceedings)


Animals serve many roles when it comes to energy and the planet. Their energy fields are far more expansive than ours – a dog's energy field is approximately 10 times that of a human's. A horse's field will encompass a large arena, and a cat's will fill an entire property.

This lecture is built on the knowledge of the biofield and energy medicine. In the interest of conserving paper, I ask that you read The Science of Energy Medicine before continuing on with these notes.

The Energetic Nature of Animals

Animals serve many roles when it comes to energy and the planet. Their energy fields are far more expansive than ours – a dog's energy field is approximately 10 times that of a human's. A horse's field will encompass a large arena, and a cat's will fill an entire property. The energy of wildlife is especially important to the survival of the planet. They create a frequency that maintains the vibrational health of the planet, and all creatures on it.

Animals function from instinct, which is just another word for energy. In addition to their heighten senses of sight, hearing and smell, they sense what is all around them. It is as if they have radar at the edges of their field.

I frequently mention Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) in my energy lectures because its founder, Carol Komitor, understands animal (and human) energy at an advanced level. She was a licensed veterinary technician before developing her healing methods. Because animals are so sensitive, other human-based modalities can be too forceful, thereby making the animal uncomfortable. If my clients would like to learn something other than HTA, I recommend they take courses that are specific to animal energy.

All Other Creatures Live in Our Field

As was mentioned previously, animals are very sensitive to energy fields. If they are confined in a home or veterinary clinic, they can't remove themselves from the vibrations surrounding them. Will they experience a positive or negative effect?

Like energy creates like energy. If the environment is full of anger, drama or judgment, the animal will feel that. The vibrations will affect its energy field, and consequently, its body. It doesn't matter whether they know who Aunt Phyllis is, and why she ticked you off. They will experience the anger around Aunt Phyllis, just as your body and energy field are experiencing it.

The magnitude of this effect became apparent when I began providing house calls for energy medicine and neurologic consults. As veterinary professionals, we aren't trained to ask about the environment much past the basics. I came to realize that animals are living in environments that aren't in harmony with their natural state of being. (You can also refer to The Effect of Sound and Music On Our Patients for more information on sound and the environment)

The earth has its own frequency, 8-10 Hz, and this is called the Schumann effect. There was an interesting experiment done in Germany in the 1960's. Human subjects were placed in an underground room that was shielded with lead. Lead blocks out electromagnetic radiation, so no waves got in or out. Eventually the humans became confused and agitated. Their biorhythms were disrupted.

The researchers then pulsed the room with varying frequencies and measured the effects on the humans. The frequency that helped them regain a peaceful state was 10 Hz – the same as the earth. We are meant to live in a harmonious state with nature, not in discord.

Can't Hide

I tell my clients that you can't hide from an energy practitioner or an animal – we are both great at sensing energy fields. You may not have developed the ability to consciously understand what's happening yet, but your body and energy field have. It's instinct. Animals continually live on instinct, and they exist in our energy fields. Tending to their health and welfare includes providing a positive energetic atmosphere.

An Eye Opener

I have always had one leg in veterinary medicine, and one in human wellness. It seemed that I couldn't make up my mind – I loved the animals, yet I knew that the path to their health and well-being was by healing humanity. I just didn't know why or how. It took a mixed breed dog with significant behavior issues to show me my path, and teach me a profound lesson in the human-animal bond. Most veterinarians would agree that animals sense stress in their guardians, but this patient taught me to look more closely at human-animal interaction.

Patches and Frieda, her canine companion, lived in a household with one other dog, a cat, and two humans. This was a merged household. Frieda and her littermate were owned by Jennifer, and Patches was owned by Ann. This home was one of the most peaceful I have visited. There were no outward signs of conflict.

I was called in because Patches was attacking Frieda whenever Frieda let out a yelp for any reason. Frieda was a timid dog, and easily frightened. The incidents usually happened when the dogs were with Jennifer, who was a woman who was also easily flustered. These attacks sent Frieda to the hospital on more than one occasion. Patches was not an aggressive dog in any other way, although she was quite reactive to her environment. She became very anxious when strangers or other dogs came near the home, and it took several minutes for her to calm down.

My neurologic evaluation was normal. There was no evidence to suggest that these events were seizures or elicited by pain. Patches was also treated by a certified animal behaviorist, and I added in energy therapy, essential oils and psychoacoutic therapy to the treatment plan. I also treated Frieda and the other animals in the household, which helped in easing the stress. Patches would still appear startled when Fieida yelped, but there was no more aggression. She was significantly improved, yet Patches was still more stressed and reactive to her surroundings than I wanted to see.

Then came my lesson of a lifetime. Before I began my energy session one day, Patches approached Jennifer to play, and Jennifer said no. I immediately felt a very strong surge of anger come from Ann. She never said a word, and showed no outward signs of being upset. Ann sat there as calm as could be, but the energy coming from her was palpable.

I later confronted Ann alone about her anger issues. In addition to anger over a childhood trauma, she had become very unhappy in the relationship. Ann hid it from Jennifer. There was no outward arguing or aggression for Jackie to pick up on. All of the anger was under the radar.

I believe Patches and Frieda were mirroring Ann's anger toward Jennifer. They were manifesting the dis-ease between the two humans. Once Ann addressed her issues with Jennifer, Patches quit reacting to Frieda's yelps. Ann and Jennifer eventually separated, and Patches moved out with Ann. They live in a neighborhood with more car noises, more activity -- things that would generally make a reactive dog more stressed. Despite this major change in routine, Patches became perfectly normal. She was calm, relaxed, happy and didn't react to strange dogs in the neighborhood. Patches became an entirely different dog.

What Next?

I now look for the metaphor in every illness or behavior issue with my animal patients, and ask their human guardians to be open to seeing it for themselves. I usually receive that how you could possibly know look, then a smile. I'm also finding this work to be very beneficial for animal welfare groups. I have come to realize that as long as there is human poverty and suffering, animals will mirror that. We can build an unlimited number of shelters, spay or neuter every animal, but that won't be enough. We must learn to care for each other if we are to effectively eliminate animal suffering.

I continue assisting animals through their healing process with energy therapy and other modalities. My patients have taught me, however, that their healing is complete when the human heals. I now explain to my clients that taking care of themselves is one of the most precious gifts they can give to their animal companions. It's the best form of veterinary preventive medicine.

As this work evolves, I believe it will have a place in animal assisted therapy programs. Conventional Animal Assisted Therapies often utilize a mirroring effect, and horses are skilled at this energetic interaction. Horse Sense and the Human Heart by McCormick and McCormick, and It's Not About the Horse by Wyatt Webb are two fascinating books. Perhaps now counselors can be educated on how to access information about their clients by discussing the pets in the household.


The potential for multidisciplinary collaboration and rigorous research is certainly present. Physicists, neuroscientists, psychologists, social workers, life coaches, veterinarians and animal behaviorists will be able to aid in the understanding of the human-animal bond, as well as develop a model for human-human energetic interaction.

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