Embark launches canine age test


New test will accurately determine a dog’s calendar age to help canines receive personalized care

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Embark Veterinary Inc announced the launch of its Age Test, a genetic test that uses a unique Embark-designed algorithm that utilizes a beadchip technology that focuses on DNA methylation patterns to help measure a canine's age. The test relies on epigenetics—the study of the way external factors can change the way genes work—to provide an estimate of when a dog was born.

"At Embark, we firmly believe that the personalization of pet care is one of the most impactful ways to improve life and longevity for all dogs," said Embark CEO Ryan Boyko, in an organizational release.1 "Throughout the early access phase of the Age Test launch, we've heard from pet parents across the country who are eager to make the best choices for their dog, and now finally have the information they need to do so."

According to a company release,1 Embark’s goal for the Age Test is to give pet parents the knowledge they need to provide personalized care for their dogs, especially for the dogs that were adopted from a shelter. Having this data gives pet parents the chance to make the best decision when it comes to exercise, nutrition, and even veterinary care. Owners that conducted the Age Test on their canines receive a report with guidance and insights into the stage of life their pet is in. Embark reported that during the early access phase, 40% of customers took some action and 31% of those customers reported scheduling a veterinary appointment due to the results of the Age Test.1

"Veterinarians have long had patients with unknown ages, which often poses a challenge when it comes to recommending an appropriate diet, exercise regimen, or preventative health screenings," said Jenna Dockweiler, MS, DVM, DACT, CCRT, CVAT, Embark Veterinary Geneticist.

"By unlocking a dog's age, pet parents and veterinarians could work together to improve and extend the lives of their canine patients," she continued.1

Developed in partnership with Illumina, the Age Test is now available to pet parents who can find more information by visiting the Embark website.


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