Easy video ideas for YouTube


When weighing your options when it comes to social media, don't discount YouTube. Although it might take more effort to create a video than compose a tweet, you have the benefits of longevity, visibility and reach. Read on for more ideas on using video to your best advantage.

Give a hospital tour

Have your most charismatic employee give a brief walking tour of your hospital, from the front desk through the exam rooms and into the treatment area. Shoot your video while the hospital is open for business so viewers can see your team in action. Then, post it on your practice website and on your Facebook feed. Ask your Facebook friends to share the video so their friends can see what your hospital looks like.

Showcase your equipment

Narrate steps while taking dental x-rays and then have a doctor describe the findings. Show what ear mites look like under the microscope. Make a video of a technician performing preanesthetic testing. And teach with instructional videos for clients-show clients how to brush pets' teeth, clean ears, give pills and trim nails.

Promote what's new

Welcome a new doctor or staff member with a brief video interview about his or her areas of medical interest, expertise and family pets, then post it on the “About our practice” page on your website, and tweet a link to that page. If you start offering a new drug, explain what it does for pets. If your practice does boarding and grooming, show off your suites and describe the pampering pets will get. Invite people to drop in for a personal tour. Even if the service isn't brand new, showing it on video makes it feel fresh.


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