Earn a raise by attracting new clients


Show your boss you're ready for a raise by offering up these ideas to attract clients.

When you're looking to draw in new clients, appeal to their needs. A free office visit is a start, but ultimately does little to retain clients if the other essential ingredients are missing: a caring experience with likable individuals and a sense that the practice leads in service and quality. That said, here are some ideas that grab for attention, passively educate about a practice's culture, and-very important-delight.  

 • Organize a block party with other local businesses. It's a great, casual way to make contact with new people.  

• Plan monthly clinic hours for children and their stuffed toys.  Watch the appointment book load up with parents and their children who watch with bug-eyed wonder as a real veterinary professional does a full exam on their pet. And get ready for the story your local newspaper is bound to print!  

• Plan a backdrop with cutouts at a street fair. The backdrop has holes for owners and pets to stick their head through. Snap a digital picture, then collect Twitter or email addresses to send them to potential clients. You could even use the backdrop the the start of this year's Holiday card for the client to mail out to friends.  

• Organize an open house that includes a demonstration of skills by the local police k9 unit. It will hold a crowd in thrall.  

• Pass out dog-cicles on a hot day. You can easily pass out doggie ice cream, made from yogurt and peanut butter then frozen on a stick, to people strolling with their pets. Use the lick time to introduce yourself and get to know a prospective client.  

 • Bet on doggie and kittie gambling. In the exam room, spread out four treats on the table-one of which is colored. If the lucky dog grabs the colored treat first, it wins! It's a free dose of the topical parasiticide you and your team so heartily endorse. And since it went on so easily in the room and stood in for this year's annual dewormer...does the owner want to go home with a year's supply? 

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