DYK? Your practice can totally steal these social media nuggets

August 9, 2018

Youll be able to educate your clients on all kinds of veterinary topics with these posts and tweets.

Shutterstock.comThe dvm360 team has created dozens of super-sparkly social media packages for your team to grab to raise awareness of key healthcare issues with your clients, encouraging them to visit your hospital to get pets the care they need.

Here's just a handful of the topics you'll find:


Sample tweet: “Xylitol may be a low-calorie sweetener to you, but it causes hypoglycemia, liver failure or even death in dogs.”

Canine hypothyroidism

Sample post: “Is your dog acting lazier than usual? Suddenly gaining weight? Losing her hair? When a dog doesn't have enough circulating thyroid hormone (a disease called hypothyroidism), she may gain weight, lose her hair or have frequent skin problems. See us if you're concerned! We can help.”

Pet weight loss

Sample tweet: “Weight loss tip: A set schedule for when food is available instead of free choice feeding may help your cat lose weight.”

Visit our social media marketing page at dvm360.com/tweets to gain new inspiration for your practice's social media channels and client education efforts.