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No veterinary workforce shortage, study finds

But impending gaps are identified in research, public health, industry; panel calls veterinary profession's current direction 'unsustainable.'

New rodenticide without antidote alarms pet toxicology experts

2008 EPA regulations may have unintended but dangerous consequences.

Ohio woman gets 18 months for posing as veterinarian

Brandi Tomko sentenced on four felonies and four misdemeanors.

The Affordable Care Act: What does it mean for veterinarians?

Dr. Marsha Heinke breaks down what you need to know about this massive piece of legislation--as a veterinarian, as a business owner and as a consumer of healthcare services yourself.

SLIDESHOW: Deadly Okla. tornado leaves heavy damage, prompts emergency veterinary response

Veterinarians and volunteers work together in triage stations and emergency shelters to address injured and displaced animals.

Oregon veterinarians tally retail pharmacists' mistakes

Survey reveals dosage changes, product substitutions that have harmed pets.

Walmart launches premium dog food

Walmart expands its dog food line to include a new premium dry dog food, Pure Balance.

DEA targets mobile veterinarians in California

Practitioners who carry drugs in vehicles told they're violating Controlled Substances Act.

Ex-veterinarian charged with 48 counts of animal cruelty in New Mexico

Clopton ordered to pay $27,000 for care of seized dogs; evidence points to practicing without license.

Employee steals more than $400,000 from veterinary clinic

Former hospital account administrator pleads guilty to three counts of theft.

Suze Orman speaks to Fla. veterinary graduates

When your aunt is a world-renowned financial guru, you still have veterinary school debt-you're just more excited about it.

State of the Profession: A snapshot of veterinary practice, circa 2012

There may be lies, darn lies and statistics, but the study results here show enough positive trends for the profession to be hopeful.

Canine patient emits toxic gas, sending veterinary staff to hospital

Common commercial rodenticide thought to be cause of poisoning.

The Internet Vet: Texas DVM claims license suspension violates free speech

The Institute for Justice has taken up the cause of Dr. Ron Hines, suspended after dispensing veterinaryadvice through his website, claiming it violates his right to free speech.

Fatal Oklahoma tornado claims countless animal lives

Veterinary response engages amidst chaos of destruction.

Imbalanced veterinary workforce highlights opportunities as well as challenges

Veterinary workforce study's maldistribution findings put a spotlight on profession's economic difficulties.

Commentary: New York Times shines a harsh spotlight on profession's woes

Veterinarians abuzz over article on student debt 'trap.'

When there are no words: Dogs travel to help kids heal

Amidst the paralyzing grief following the Newtown, Conn., elementary school shooting, a team of golden retrievers is on site to comfort, be present and listen.

Availability of Novartis Animal Health products remains limited

Manufacturer assures veterinarians, pet owners that production and distribution of popular brands will resume.

AVMA survey reveals bleak situation for new veterinary graduates

Findings indicate that starting salaries, job offers dwindling while average student debt load grows.

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