The dvm360 vaccines toolkit


Vaccines can sometimes be a prickly topic with pet owners. Use this collection of tools to train your team and educate veterinary clients about your practice's vaccination protocol and the important role vaccines play in the health of our beloved pets. (With an educational grant provided by Elanco)

Click the image to download the PDF file of the dvm360 vaccines toolkit.This dvm360 toolkit focuses on pet vaccinations. This special package of articles, tips, handouts and tools is designed to make it easy for your team to educate pet owners about the importance of vaccinations in preventing disease and keeping pets healthy, safe and happy. 

Even when faced with sticky situation in the exam room, your team will be prepared to answer pet owner questions and execute proper protocols when it comes to vaccines. 

Tools and resources:


the calm vaccine veterinary visit Pre-visit client education and exam-room visibility and efficiency make this practice owner's vaccine and wellness visits healthy, happy and profitable.  

Sample script

: Talking it out with anti-vaxxers Fear is a powerful emotion, so when veterinary clients refuse your recommendations, start with empathy.   I like to

vaccinate pets

Preventing disease is a primary goal for veterinary practitioners. It's time to better explain why they're important to pet owners and make it as easy as possible on pets. (Low-volume vaccines, anyone?)   The

latest from Dr. Sue Cancer Vet

on feline injection-site sarcomas In a session promising feline cancer ‘CliffsNotes,' Fetch dvm360 conference speaker and veterinary oncologist Sue Ettinger shared her take on diagnosing and treating this cancerous condition.   The

future of Lyme decline

is in mice's paws Immunizing mice via vaccine-laced food may slow the spread of Lyme disease in humans and animals, experts say.   The importance of

consistent vaccine protocols

in your veterinary practice Do you know what your doctors recommend? Are clients confused? Here's how I guarantee everyone is on the same page.  

Handouts & social media tools:

Client handout

: Grab those kitten vaccines! Kittens need shots. Full stop. Start early with veterinary client education about their importance with this printable PDF.  


: Why puppies need vaccines We know that vaccines train the immune system to react quickly to certain diseases. Let veterinary clients with new puppies know all about how awesome vaccination is in this printable PDF client handout.  

Posts and tweets

about the importance of vaccinations In an era of parents sensitive to the issue of children's vaccines, these tweets and Facebook posts can explain the importance of pet vaccinations to veterinary clients.




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