dvm360's top veterinary team stories of 2019

December 8, 2019

Here's the years most-clicked content for veterinary technicians, managers, assistants and more from dvm360.com and Firstline magazine. What did you miss?

No. 10: Handout: Top 5 ways to start brushing a dog's teeth (really!)

You loved the GIFs. Now print this and give it to clients for something wonderful to chew on to teach some good dog toothbrushing techniques.


No. 9: How your veterinary practice can avoid the new hire from hell

Try out these interview tips from veterinary practice manager Ori Scislowicz to save yourself time and money.

More on hiring and holding onto great team members


No. 8: Take your patient's heart rate with your smart watch

In a pinch to take a veterinary patient's pulse? The quick (and accurate!) solution is on your wrist.


No. 7: Celebrate National Veterinary Technician Week with us

Appreciation and inspiration for the technicians who serve pets and people every day. Special thanks for Banfield for their support of rockstar techs!


No. 6: Vet confessions: Awkward doesn't even begin to describe it


When life hands you uncomfortable situations, you make veterinary confessions.

Note: Need more confessions? You want this.


No. 5: Veterinary miseries: ‘He seems fine,' but I'm in pain

There's a fine line to walk when talking to your veterinary clients about pain without paining the clients and, of course, yourself.


No. 4: This isn't Mean Girls: Let's talk woman-to-woman bullying in practice

Raise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimized by another woman in your clinic. Days in veterinary practice can sometimes feel like a scene out of Mean Girls. How do we change that?

More on workplace bullying


No. 3: Your chances of being bitten by a dog may depend on your personality

People who possess higher levels of insecurity, fear, instability and intrusiveness have increased likelihood of being bitten by a dog, according to a U.K. study.

More on dog bites


No. 2: A dog's emotional reunion with his veterinary team

Take a look at the team that saved an abused puppy and the emotional reunion when that puppy revisited the veterinary practice while on the road to recovery.


No. 1: 19 cat myths that need to go

Brush up on your feline facts, veterinary team members, while you disabuse your well-meaning but ill-informed cat clients of some feline fallacies. Don't miss the client handout at the end!