dvm360's top veterinary business stories of 2019

December 9, 2019

Here's the years most-clicked content for veterinarians, managers and team members from dvm360.com, dvm360 magazine and Vetted magazine. What did you miss?

No. 10: Don't get ripped off with production-based pay

Veterinary associates, remember that small contractual oversights in production-based pay can add up to substantial chunks of money in your employment contracts. Here's what to watch-like a hawk.

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• Production-based pay: Devil's in the details

ProSal: A method to pay doctors

• ProSal total compensation statement: An interactive worksheet

Squashing ProSal myths

• Put ProSal out to pasture


No. 9: 2019 Hospital of the Year: No appointments? No problem!

This Indiana hospital supports the team and keeps wait times to a minimum, all while wowing clients with its beauty.

Want more veterinary hospital design? We're the home for that at dvm360.com/hd. And Check out No. 6 on this list for another take on award-winning design …


No. 8: Handout: Veterinary wellness care saves money

Here are 14 free or relatively inexpensive paths to a happier, healthier pet, courtesy of a long-time veterinarian who knows what he's talking about. Print it for your own clients.


No. 7: 5 ways veterinarians lead imbalanced lives

I think that we well-meaning, hard-working veterinarians sabotage our own happiness, job satisfaction and personal health by doing these five things.

More on life balance and emotional wellbeing

Diagnosis? Resentment. Rx? Healthy boundaries

• Enough is enough: It's time to put yourself first

• If I knew then what I know now

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 No. 6: 2019 Hospital of the Year: Small but mighty-award-winning design in a tiny strip-mall practice

Good things come to those who wait. In this case, a well-designed veterinary practice that suits this doctor to a T.


No. 5: AVMA: More veterinary technicians, higher practice efficiency

A recent analysis by the AVMA reveals that veterinary hospitals with more technicians and other non-DVM staff are likely to operate more efficiently.


No. 4: Client handout: Are grain-free diets causing dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs?

The science is out on the topic, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is collecting cases. Share the basics with your veterinary clients with this printable handout.

More on grain-free foods and nutrition

• FDA targets peas, lentils, potatoes in investigation of grain-free diets and DCM

• Grain-free pet food sales declining after FDA alerts

• Vet confessions: Grain-free diets and overweight pets

Insurance won't cover a DCM diagnosis?


No. 3: Sample script: What to do when the veterinary client says, ‘I can't pay'

When a pet owner hesitates to pay or can't afford an unexpected veterinary bill, make sure you're delivering understanding.

More on helping veterinary clients pay

One good marketing idea: Raise funds for veterinary care

• Decision Data: Add pay-by-the-month wellness plans?

Access to care: Removing the barriers that keep pets out of clinics

Don't get fleeced on veterinary client payments


No. 2: The state of veterinary corporatization

Here are the details that veterinary hospital groups nationwide shared with us on number of hospitals, company details and what they're looking for in clinics to buy these days.


No. 1: Why the ‘dental' divides our profession

When a pet owner can't afford the highest standard of veterinary dental care, what choices do we have left?

More on clients and dentistry

• Before the breath becomes unbearable: How vet techs can convince anyone a pet needs a dental

Get to the CORE of veterinary dental care with your clients

Veterinarians: Do the dental, avoid surprises

Client handout: Does your pet's smile hurt?