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July 30, 2020
dvm360 Staff
dvm360, dvm360 August 2020, Volume 51, Issue 8

Learn about the 19 members of our new editorial advisory board, including a few fun (and surprising) facts about their personal lives.

dvm360 is proud to introduce our new editorial advisory board, a 19-member group of veterinary leaders who will assist in identifying key industry trends, suggest editorial and business opportunities, and serve as ambassadors for dvm360.

“We are honored to announce our new board members,” says Mike Hennessy Jr., president and CEO of MJH Life Sciences, parent company of dvm360. “Their experiences and contributions within the field of veterinary medicine will be a great asset to our team, and we look forward to collaborating to help grow dvm360.”

This group of veterinarians, technicians, and other animal health experts was assembled by dvm360’s Chief Veterinary Officer Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, who is thrilled about the talent and brain power the board will bring to our family of publications, including dvm360, Vetted, and Firstline, as well as current and future multimedia endeavors.

“We are honored to have an advisory board full of talent, innovation and passion for veterinary medicine. I look forward to seeing the many ways in which relevant, important and necessary content becomes displayed to the world,” he says.

Following are our new board members, including their areas of specialty and a few fun facts about them.

Christopher J. Allen, DVM, JD

Dr. Allen is president of Associates in Veterinary Law, PC, which practices exclusively in the areas of veterinary law, partnership and management structure and disputes, probate involving veterinary practices, contracts, and practice mergers and acquisitions. After admission to the bar in New York’s First Judicial Department (Manhattan) in 1982 and veterinary school graduation in 1988, Dr. Allen purchased a multi-doctor private veterinary hospital in New York. In 1994 he opened his veterinary law practice.

Dr. Allen devotes a great deal of law practice time to representing purchasers and sellers of veterinary hospitals and clinics throughout North America. Much of the balance of his practice is assisting associate veterinarians in negotiating fair and reasonable employment and partnership agreements. He writes the monthly dvm360 column “Letter of the Law.”

Fun fact: Dr. Allen has been an American muscle car enthusiast since high school. Both his law office and veterinary practice are festooned with automotive neon advertising as well as photos of his 1970 Plymouth Superbird, which he was fortunate enough to have driven on the Atlanta Motor Speedway and Talladega.

Liz Bales, VMD

Dr. Bales is a 2000 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. Her special interest is the unique behavioral and wellness needs of cats. She is a writer, speaker, and featured expert in all things cat around the globe.

Fun fact: Dr. Bales is allergic to cats!

Marty Becker, DVM

Considered by many to be “America’s veterinarian,” Dr. Becker is the founder of Fear Free, which works to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets. This includes veterinary and other pet professionals as well as pet parents through FearFreeHappyHomes.com and animal shelter and rescue group staff and volunteers through FearFreeShelters.com. Dr. Becker was integral in introducing Happy Paws magazine, which helps owners provide their pets with the physical and emotional care they need to live happier, healthier, and fuller lives.

A passionate advocate for the human-animal bond, Dr. Becker practices at North Idaho Animal Hospital because he loves veterinary medicine, pets, and the people who care for them.

Fun facts: Dr. Becker did, in fact, raise Idaho potatoes. He has also played a Stradivariusand been inside the torch of the Statue of Liberty.

Jan Bellows, DVM, DAVDC, DABVP

Dr. Bellows, a long-time contributor to dvm360, is the current president of the Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry. He practices veterinary dentistry at All Pets Dental in Weston, Florida.

Fun fact: Dr. Bellows is an avid runner. To date, he has completed 83 full marathons.

Ashley Bourgeois, DVM, DACVD

Dr. Bourgeois practices at Animal Dermatology Clinic in Portland, Oregon. She is an owner/shareholder and on the board of directors for her the practice group, which has locations in California, Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia, Australia, and New Zealand. Dr. Bourgeois is passionate about educating veterinarians about dermatology and work-life balance through her podcast, speaking engagements, and social media presence (The Derm Vet). She is a mom of two young kids.

Fun fact: Within a single week, Dr. Bourgeois went skydiving in New Zealand, and scuba diving and bungee jumping in Australia.

Priscilla Bowens, DVM, MPH, JD

Dr. Bowens brings a rich background as a 14-year licensed veterinarian, internationally published public health researcher, health preparedness educator, and healthcare legal counsel. She received her DVM from Tuskegee University, Master of Public Health from the University of Florida, and law degree from the University of Texas. Dr. Bowens cohosts M.D. + D.V.M. on YouTube along with her cousin, a human neurologist, with the simple goal of uniting human and animal health to save the world. In addition to being married to a veterinarian trained in neurology and neurosurgery, she loves being a mom to two girls and can be found on Instagram @drpetnugget.

Fun fact: Forget the running of the bulls. Several years ago, Dr. Bowens ran with the goats in Radovna, Slovenia near the Julian Alps. “No, it’s not a thing,” she says, “but it sure was scenic!”

Bo Brock, DVM

Dr. Brock owns a thriving, multi-species veterinary clinic in Lamesa, Texas (population 9207 and sometimes referred to as “the middle of nowhere”). He graduated magna cum laude from Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences and was voted equine practitioner of the year for the state of Texas in 2007. In addition to practicing veterinary medicine, Dr. Brock is an active public speaker, an author, and adjunct professor at Texas Tech University.

Fun fact: Dr. Brock writes the hilarious “Stampede” column in dvm360, where he recounts his adventures in practicing veterinary medicine in small-town America.

Walter Brown, BS, RVTg

Social media public figure, influencer, digital cinematographer, and comedian, Walter “Skinni Go Live” Brown combines his background in veterinary medicine with comedy to bring education and relief to veterinary professionals and pet owners. He started his social media comedy career in 2018 as the voice for the National Pan Hellenic-Council organizations and the University of Georgia’s Bulldawg Nation and now “VetMed Funnies.” His material millions of views on social media, and he continues to create viral content (check him out at facebook.com/lilskinni). Outside of comedy, Brown enjoys learning and training in the field of emergency and critical care.

Fun fact: Brown is a tarantula enthusiast.

Elizabeth “Betsy” Charles, DVM, MA

Dr. Charles combines a variety of professional experiences with her love of veterinary medicine to help others be the best they can be. After graduating from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2003 and completing an internship with an equine referral hospital, she joined a performance horse practice as an associate veterinarian. After 3 years, she was promoted to director of the practice’s imaging center. In addition to her responsibilities within the imaging center, she developed the practice’s extern program, which included students from all over the country as well as formal involvement with the third- and fourth-year veterinary students from Western University of Health Sciences. She is also an adjunct professor at Washington State University.

Dr. Charles is “an Adidas-wearing, hip hop–dancing veterinary radiologist who wants to change the world by cultivating a community of leaders through curiosity, creative conversations and connection.” She loves to teach, read, ride her horse Lenny, and spend time with her way too energetic red heeler, Sadie.

Fun fact: Dr. Charles has not seen a single episode of “Friends” or “Seinfeld.”


Cital is a multi-credentialed veterinary technician whose focus has been on anesthesia and pain management in all species. More recently he has become well known for his contributions to the research and education on cannabinoids in veterinary medicine. A frequent writer and lecturer, Cital is also known for his push for technician advancement and diversity within the veterinary industry. You can find him on Instagram (@animalguy).

Fun fact: Cital is an avid plant collector and self-proclaimed chef of Latin dishes.

Steve Dale, CABC

A certified animal behavior consultant, Dale hosts two nationally syndicated radio shows—Steve Dale’s Pet World and The Pet Minute—and is a special contributor at Chicago’s WGN Radio. He formerly hosted the nationally syndicated Animal Planet Radio, wrote a syndicated column for the Chicago Tribune, and was a contributing editor for USA Weekend and columnist at Cat Fancy magazine. He serves on the boards of the directors of the Human Animal Bond Association and, for many years, the Winn Feline Foundation, and is an advocate and speaker of Fear Free and Cat Friendly Practices.

Dale speaks at conferences around the world, has contributed to and authored many books, and currently serves as a writer, contributing editor, and columnist for several professional and pet owner publications. His blog is stevedale.tv.

Fun fact: Dale is in the Dog Writers’ Hall of Fame.

David Dycus, DVM, MS, CCRP, DACVS-SA

Dr. Dycus is the medical director, chief of orthopedic surgery, and co-founder/co-director of Nexus Veterinary Specialists and theVeterinary Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. An orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Dycus lectures locally, nationally, and internationally. He has published numerous research articles, authored or co-authored several book chapters, and is co-editor of the textbook Complications in Canine Cranial Cruciate Ligament Surgery. He was named by dvm360.com as one of the 10 veterinarians to watch in 2018 and has been featured on Sirius XM’s Doctor Radio segment on pet health and orthopedics.

Along with being a scientific reviewer for multiple journals, he serves on the editorial review board and is the associate editor (orthopedics) for Veterinary Surgery. Dr. Dycus also is on the Board of Trustees for the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. You can find him on Instragram (@Ortho_Vet) andFacebook (Dr. David Dycus).

Fun Fact: Dr. Dycus is deathly afraid of cockroaches

Bash Halow, LVT, CVPM

Halow is a veterinary business advisor and a veteran practice manager with more than 19 years of experience. He has helped dozens of veterinary hospitals understand how to build stronger teams and grow their businesses responsibly and ethically through his firm Halow Consulting. He is a frequent contributor to many veterinary publications and a speaker at national and international veterinary conferences. He founded the New Jersey Veterinary Hospital Management Association and the Big Apple Veterinary Management Association in New York City, and is a member of the American Animal Hospital Association, the Pennsylvania VMA, and Veterinary Hospital Managers Association. He resides in New York City and Northeastern PA.

Fun facts: Halow is a closeted chicken hoarder. He can’t pass a tractor supply without going in to see if they have baby chickens for sale. He usually leaves with “only eight” because he tells himself that as long as he keeps it under 10 his habit is under control. Also, he has what he considers to be the best asparagus patch in veterinary medicine and is very proud that he captured a swarm of wild bees this year.

Liz Hughston, MEd, RVT, CVT, LVT, VTS (SAIM) (ECC)

Hughston has been practicing as a veterinary technician in California since her graduation from Foothill College in 2006. In 2012, she was certified as a veterinary technician specialist in both small animal internal medicine, and emergency and critical care. She is currently a relief technician, trainer, and consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area for both general and emergency/specialty practices.

Dedicated to advancing veterinary technology through training and mentorship, Hughston worked on the committee that developed the California RVT Association’s mentor program, a first-of-its-kind program connecting new technicians with experienced mentors across the state. She is the former co-chair of the AVECCT Mentor Committee, currently chairs the AIMVT Credentialing Committee, and is president of National Veterinary Professionals Union. Hughston is a frequent national and international speaker on emergency medicine, critical care, small animal internal medicine, and veterinary uses of cannabis. She is co-editor of an upcoming textbook on veterinary cannabis use and works with clients as a certified veterinary cannabis counselor. She can be found on Facebook (VetTechXpert).

Fun fact: Hughston attended rodeo camp in Northern California every summer for more than 10 years.

Shawn Messonnier, DVM

Dr. Messonnier is the proud author of several award-winning books: The Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats, The Natural Vet's Guide to Preventing and Treating Cancer in Dogs, and Breast Choices for the Best Chances: Your Breasts, Your Life, and How YOU Can Win The Battle! He is a 1987 graduate of Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences and owns Paws & Claws Holistic Animal Hospital in Plano, TX. His special interest include functional medicine, Chinese/Western herbology, homeopathy, homotoxicology, nutritional therapies, and acupuncture.

Fun fact: Dr. Messonnier is a musician and magician who performs a very entertaining mentalism (mindreading) act.

Chris Pachel, DVM, DACVB, CABC

Dr.Pachel received his veterinary degree from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002 and became board certified by the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists in 2010. He has operated both house-call and office-based behavior practices and currently owns and is lead clinician at the Animal Behavior Clinic in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Pachel lectures regularly both throughout the United States as well as internationally, teaches courses at multiple US veterinary schools, and has authored several articles and book chapters on topics such as intercat aggression and pet selection for animal-assisted therapy. He is a sought-after expert witness in legal cases involving animal behavior and is vice president of veterinary behavior on the executive leadership team for Instinct Dog Behavior and Training.

Fun fact: Dr. Pachel a classically trained musician, although he’s been out of practice for some time!

Kathryn Primm, DVM, CVPM

Dr. Primm speaks with students, other veterinarians, and pet owners about effective communication, marketing, and the rollercoaster that is private practice. She hosts two popular podcasts on Pet Life Radio (“Nine Lives with Dr. Kat” and “Dr. Kat Gone to the Dogs”), is resident veterinarian for iheartdogs.com and iheartcats.com, and is author of Tennessee Tails: Pets and their People, published in 2013.

The World’s first Fear Free–certified professional, Dr. Primm sits on the Fear Free Advisory Panel. She is owner, founder, manager, and chief veterinarian at Applebrook Animal Hospital in Ooltewah, Tennessee.

Fun fact: Among Dr. Primm’s favorite things to do at work is singing song lyrics but change the words to fit the situation. “For example, if we are feeling a dog all over for ticks,” she says, “I might sing, ‘It's the final patdown....’"

Marc A. Rosenberg, VMD

Dr. Rosenberg is the medical director of Voorhees Veterinary Center in Voorhees, New Jersey. For the past 12 years he has served on the New Jersey State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. In 1982, he hosted America’s first nationally televised pet Information show, “People, Pets, & Dr. Marc,” on PBS. He is the author of the monthly dvm360 column “The Dilemma.”

Fun fact: Dr. Rosenberg won a silver medal in the Senior Olympics (over age 70) basketball competition.

Emily Seidl, DVM

Emily Seidl earned her DVM from the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island, Canada. She spent her formative years working for animal shelters in Lancaster, Pa and training capuchin monkeys at Franklin and Marshall College. Today, she is the shelter veterinarian at the Animal Welfare Association in Voorhees, New Jersey.

Fun fact: While volunteering at an animal shelter, Dr. Seidl agreed to be an emergency foster for a 3-week-old kitten that had been found in a field missing three legs, an ear tip, and its tail. Six years later, Suki is living her best life with Dr. Seidl in her home in New Jersey.

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