dvm360 product report: Pet scooter, genetic test, acoustic panels and more


Heres our regular roundup of new and noteworthy veterinary products.

Walkin' Pets

Scooter for disabled pets

With the Walkin' Scooter, disabled pets can zip around freely, easily maneuvering around tight corners and through narrow doorways. Designed for style and comfort, the base of the scooter is cushioned with durable closed-cell foam. The scooter bag is attached to the base, the pet is placed inside, adjustments are made for comfort and the dog is ready to go. The scooter features rollerball casters for movement in any direction, sliding smoothly across tile, linoleum, carpet and hardwood. The scooter bag is constructed of durable nylon, which is perfect for pets with incontinence issues. Available in six sizes to accommodate pets of all builds and breeds.

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Chondrodystrophy and IVDD genetic test

Orivet has announced a new test available to detect a genetic variant linked with chondrodystrophy and intervertebral disk disease (IVDD) in dogs. Chondrodystrophy is defined by dysplastic, shortened long bones and premature degeneration and calcification of intervertebral discs, so it's more common in short-legged breeds such as dachshunds, basset hounds and corgis, while dachshunds account for 45% to 70% of all IVDD cases in dogs. The single assay test from Orivet detects a variant in gene FGF4 linked with these diseases, helping veterinarians and pet owners take proactive measures to protect musculoskeletal health.

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Eckel Noise Control Technologies

Sound-absorbing acoustic panels

Eckoustic Functional Panels from Eckel reduce excessive barking noise, keeping animals calmer in veterinary hospitals, boarding facilities and shelters. Featuring superb sound absorption, simple installation, rugged construction and easy cleanability, the panels are typically installed on the walls, starting with the wall opposite the cages and the end walls of the cage rooms. If windows or other wall obstacles are present, panels can also be installed on the wall behind the cages or on the ceiling. Eckoustic Functional Panels are available in a range of sizes, from 18 in by 18 in to 10 ft by 30 in.

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Zoetis acquires Platinum Performance

Zoetis has entered into an agreement to acquire Platinum Performance, a privately held, nutrition-focused animal heath company. Platinum's nutritional product formulas focus on scientific wellness for horses, dogs and cats. With the acquisition of Platinum's nutritional formulas, Zoetis enters this space for horses, building on the company's existing nutritional portfolio for dogs and cats. The expansion in nutritionals aligns with Zoetis' increasing focus on health and wellness as part of the continuum of animal care, according to a company release.

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