dvm360 product report: Oral wipes, dental console and more

July 31, 2017

Here's our weekly rundown of new and notable veterinary products.

Addison Biological Laboratory

Oral-cavity-cleansing wipes

Maxi/Guard Oral Wipes are infused with a flavorless zinc formulation designed to neutralize mouth odors, help reduce the deposition of plaque and aid in reducing gingival inflammation. Learn more here.




Console for dental treatments

The VCP II Veterinary Mobile Treatment Console has a higher working surface for convenient instrument access during standing dental procedures; recessed controls to prevent accidental damage; a scratch-resistant, aircraft-grade aluminum frame; automatic handpiece selection; and a piezoelectric scaler. Learn more here.


Kinetic Vet

Shampoo for horses, dogs and cats

EquiShield AO Shampoo is a nonmedicated shampoo for horses, dogs and cats that contains aloe, oatmeal and essential fatty acids. Learn more here.




Addison Biological Laboratory

Pinkeye vaccine for cattle

The recently approved Moraxella bovoculi vaccine for the prevention of pinkeye in cattle is the first of its kind. Learn more here.