dvm360 product report: New dermatology cream, DNA tests and more

July 26, 2017

Heres our weekly rundown of new and notable veterinary products.


Antihistamine cream for animals

AtopiCream Therapeutic Skin Repair is a steroid-free formulation for cutaneous use that contains diphenhydramine HCl 2%, fatty acids, ceramides and other skin-repair ingredients, including conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), lactic acid and vitamin E. Learn more.


Orivet Genetic Pet Care

Canine, feline DNA tests

New tests include full pure-breed profiles, breed identification DNA testing and more. Learn more.





Easier in-clinic credit appoval

CareCredit Direct is a private and secure digital experience that allows pet owners to apply for financing and get a credit decision immediately without leaving the veterinary hospital. Learn more.





Newly redesigned website

BabelBark has updated its websites for BabelBark (for pet parents), BabelVet (for veterinary practices) and BabelBiz (for pet businesses). Learn more.