dvm360 product report: Job search platform, probiotic, urine-fecal unit and more


Here’s our regular rundown of new and notable veterinary products.


Veterinary job search web platform

The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) and guavaVet have launched a new web platform that utilizes Google’s search engine, enabling users to search for job opportunities in the veterinary industry in an unprecedented way. This feature enhances the NAVC Retriever app, a tool designed for the veterinary community that pairs individuals with hiring practices to create uniquely suited matches. The app looks at different criteria—including location, species, skills and experience—to ensure the match is suitable for both the hiring manager and applicant. The new web platform reinforces the app and enhances the user experience, allowing them to browse through all available jobs in the veterinary field. Using Google’s search engine, job seekers will be able to search through opportunities across the industry that interest them before they turn to the NAVC Retriever app for the matching process.

For more information, visit navc.com/retriever.


Five-strain probiotic for dogs and cats

Profivex is a clinical strength probiotic supplement for dogs and cats with five strains and 5 billion colony-forming units per serving. It is formulated in a raw and unprocessed form to yield the highest potency and viability. It also contains two prebiotics, including fructooligosaccharides and sweet potato. The all-natural sweet potato in Profivex adds a beneficial amount of fiber and nutrients to further support the digestive tract. Profivex is indicated for the prevention of diarrhea, gas, intestinal upset and other digestive problems. It comes in a great-tasting pork liver soft chew treat or as a powder. Profivex is made in the United States with all-natural ingredients.

For more information, visit profivex.com.


Point-of-care urine and fecal analyzer

Element UF is a two-in-one automated solution for analyzing urine and feces in minutes. The analyzer was developed by Heska to prepare, automate and image feces and urine to find important cells, crystals, casts and parasites, including roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm, whipworm, Giardia and more, in a fast and sanitary “load-and-go” approach. The unit is designed to provide instant results without the mess.

For more information, visit heska.com.

AAHA Press

Data resource on veterinary compensation

Compensation and Benefits from AAHA Press is a trusted and comprehensive resource for understanding trends in veterinary salary packages. This book contains statistics and expert context to help veterinary professionals at all stages of their career, whether building a practice team, embarking on a job search or entering the profession. Using information from more than 600 practices across the country, this updated ninth edition includes detailed demographic breakdowns of average salaries and wages for every member of the practice team; information on a variety of benefits, including paid time off, annual CE allowances, health insurance, veterinary services, retirement plans, bonuses and more; methods of calculating and compensating veterinary staff on production; and new data on industry turnover, nonmonetary incentives and use of performance evaluations.

For more information, visit aaha.org/aaha-press.


Prescription management tool

Covetrus, an animal-health technology company, has launched Covetrus Script Assist, a new way for veterinarians to leverage practice management system information to proactively prescribe preventive medications for patients with past or upcoming appointments. Covetrus Script Assist leverages machine learning and practice management records to identify gaps in medical care, particularly in areas like preventive medications. Once a prescription is “created,” the veterinarian or delegate has minimal steps in order to get a prescription to the client for fulfillment on their storefront. The system allows for more informed compliance monitoring—the ability to quickly prescribe preventives will drive practices closer to compliance and help keep their patients healthy. All Covetrus prescription management customers have access to the Script Assist application and may opt in to use it.

For more information, visit bit.ly/CVETSA.

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