dvm360 product report: Generic NSAID, air purifier, relief-vet book and more


Heres our regular roundup of new and noteworthy veterinary products.


Vetoquinol USA

Generic chewable NSAID

Flexprofen is a generic, beef-flavored chewable tablet that contains carprofen, a widely used, clinically proven nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) for dogs. The product is comparable to the leading brand name carprofen chewables that address symptoms of pain and inflammation typically associated with osteoarthritis. Flexprofen can also be used to treat dogs with postoperative pain resulting from soft-tissue and orthopedic surgeries. Flexprofen is available in 25-, 75- and 100-mg sizes in 180-count bottles.

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Medical Illumination International

Air purification unit

Built in the casing of a standard-size overhead light fixture (fluorescent or LED), UV24 provides fast, continuous air purification that reduces bacteria, viruses and fungi in treated air without taking up floor or counter space. It also reduces the settling of airborne pathogens onto surfaces while reducing odors caused by bacteria and fungi. A single UV24 air purification unit can treat a volume of air equivalent to a room measuring 10 by 10 by 8 feet four times per hour.

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Solutions Vetceterra

Pet body bag

Euthabag is a practical solution for transportation, cremation and burial of euthanized pets that is respectful to both animal and caregiver. Euthabag features pleats on each side that create handles for easy transport. The waterproof fabric prevents leakage, is resistant to nails and tears, and expands to adjust to the animal's size. Animal identification information can be easily added with a pen or marker on the attached label, or an ID sticker may be added as a shipping tag. Available in five sizes, from extra-small for pocket pets to extra-large designed to support up to 190 lbs of weight.

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Smith Veterinary Consulting and Publishing

Book for relief, part-time work

The fifth edition of FlexVet: How to Be One, How to Hire One, by Carin Smith, DVM, and Cindy Trice, DVM, is a practical guide for relief and part-time veterinarians. The book covers a wide range of resources to help practices as well as part-time and relief veterinarians navigate the business intricacies of flexible work. The 2019 edition includes updates on taxes, insurance and online resources. Other topics include choosing the right type of veterinarian for your practice, business plans, budgeting, marketing, social media and sample contracts and letters.

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