dvm360 product report: Equine blood test, alternative medicine book, LED light and more

October 3, 2019

Heres our regular rundown of new and noteworthy veterinary products.


Handheld equine diagnostic device

The Stablelab handheld, point-of-care diagnostic blood test from Zoetis provides veterinarians with critical information related to equine inflammation in 10 minutes. The handheld reader detects and quantifies the biomarker serum amyloid A (SAA), an acute-phase protein produced by the liver that increases in response to inflammation caused by infection. By measuring SAA, veterinarians can assess the severity of an infection sooner-often before clinical symptoms start-and able to monitor the horse's response over the course of treatment.

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QED Medical

LED light source

The Beamer 10-watt LED light source for equine treatments and exams affixes to any steel surface with a powerful earth magnet and provides beautiful, white-light intensity to fiber optic headlights, scopes or instruments through a convenient three-port turret. With a 50,000-hour LED life and a footprint of 3.25 by 2.5 by 1.75 in, the Beamer weighs 10 oz and is operational in 100-V to 240-V environments-a truly versatile light source.

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Ockham Publishing

Alternative medicine exposé

Placebos for Pets? by Brennen McKenzie, VMD, MSc-popularly known as the SkeptVet-helps pet owners and veterinary professionals understand the claims and the evidence for unconventional pet health products and make good choices for their companions and patients. Dr. McKenzie has reviewed the latest scientific evidence for all of the major alternative medicine approaches, as well as dozens of individual products, while creating a toolkit so readers can sort through claims on their own. This book aims to do for veterinary medicine what Bad Science and Trick or Treatment has done for human medicine.

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Kindred Bio

Educational website

Kindred Biosciences has announced the availability of KINections, a new educational website for veterinarians, practice staff, veterinary students and pet owners. The site provides information on disease states for feline, canine and equine topics related to Kindred Bio's product portfolio, including: feline anemia, immune-mediated diseases and equine metabolic syndrome. The site also features videos, downloadable brochures and blog posts authored by KindredBio veterinarians, as well as details about KindredBio's veterinary student outreach program.

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