dvm360 product report: Direct appointment booking, in-clinic urine test, cooling wrap

September 28, 2017

Here's our regular rundown of new and notable veterinary products.


Direct appointment booking

VitusVet, an app for veterinary practices and pet owners, has added direct appointment booking to its suite of services available to practices across North America. To use direct appointment booking, a pet owner pulls out the VitusVet app at any time of day (even when the practice is closed), selects the pet's doctor, selects the date and time that he or she is available, and with one click creates a confirmed appointment, VitusVet developers say.

“An easier appointment process leads to more appointments,” says VitusVet cofounder Kalpesh Raval. “If visiting the vet is convenient, it gets done more often.”

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Silver Lake Research Corporation

Bacterial urine test

RapidBac Vet offers a rapid immunoassay for detection of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria in urine. It provides veterinary practices with an accurate and cost-effective point-of-care solution that can be performed during the initial clinic visit for one of the most common disorders of dogs and cats.

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Arrowhead Animal Health

Cooling compression wrap

The Cool Compressor Wrap from Arrowhead helps animals with rapid heat recovery using a low-profile, latex-free stretch veterinary bandage. Designed to cool the area of application by up to 10 degrees for up to two hours without inhibiting movement, it stretches and contours completely, allowing animals to use the product while they train or compete, as well as while they recover.

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