dvm360 product report: Cold-plasma sterilizer, cloud-based management software and more

July 11, 2018

Heres our regular roundup of new and noteworthy veterinary products.

Plasma Bionics

Portable sterilization device

Plasma Bionics, a veterinary biotech startup company that utilizes cold plasma technology to sterilize veterinary instruments with no water or chemicals, is launching its first product, the PZ100 Air Plasma Sterilizer, in the summer of 2018.

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Technology Partner Innovations

Cloud-based practice management software

Patterson Veterinary and Cure Partners are launching a new cloud-based practice management software system, NaVetor. NaVetor was built for the veterinary industry but incorporates some best practices in clinical data management capabilities from the human medical industry.

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Injectable anesthetic with extended shelf life

The FDA has approved Alfaxan Multidose, an injectable anesthetic with the same formulation attributes as original Alfaxan but with an added preservative system to extend product shelf life to 28 days after the vial has been broached.

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Advanced Ultrasound Electronics

Wireless ultrasound probes

Advanced Ultrasound Electronics has agreed to represent Sonostar Wireless probes in the U.S. Sonostar probes have FDA approval and excellent color-imaging quality, and they connect via WiFi to iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

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