dvm360 product report: CBD chew, monitor, cancer treatment and more


Heres our regular roundup of new and noteworthy veterinary products.

Animal Nutritional Products

CBD chew for dogs

PhytoMAXX Bites are chews containing a proprietary cannabidiol (CBD) formulation and are available exclusively through veterinarians. The ingredient capsicum, which activates the TRPV1 receptor that can influence pain perception, combined with CBD is designed to help with pain, stress and seizures. PhytoMAXX is a hemp-extract product featuring the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant minus tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which means pets receive all the benefits without the high. This zero-THC phytocannabinoid product is formulated to support the endocannabinoid system.

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Digicare Animal Health

Monitor with iPad app

LifeWindow One is a portable physiological monitor engineered with veterinary-specific modules. Digicare's exclusive VetECG algorithms are optimized for veterinary QRS detection and classification, allowing for quick and accurate measurements from critical care to routine checkups on any species: companion animals, exotic pets and horses. In addition, LifeWindow allows users to order configurations of up to five measurement parameters: ECG, SpO2, CO2, noninvasive blood pressure and temperature. These parameters can be remotely controlled and viewed by a Wi-Fi-connected iPad companion app that allows for recording, capturing and printing of up to two hours of ECG waveforms. All patient records-both ECG and tabular data reports-can be emailed, wirelessly printed or exported into practice management software. The monitor weighs 3 lbs, has a battery life of up to seven hours and includes a port for temperature measurement. It can be used on a tabletop or mounted on a rolling stand or IV pole.

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ELIAS Animal Health

Canine cancer treatment

ELIAS Animal Health and BodeVet are working together to significantly expand the availability of ELIAS's ECI treatment for canine cancer via the mobile apheresis capabilities of BodeVet. Apheresis is a processing procedure that separates blood into different components and, in this case, yields the T cells critical to the ELIAS treatment protocol. Currently, there are 12 locations offering apheresis for pets. BodeVet offers a mobile service that will enable veterinary oncologists in most major cities in the United States to incorporate ECI into their specialty hospital portfolio of oncology services, expanding beyond chemotherapy and radiation.

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VIN Foundation

Veterinary student loan resource

The 2019 Veterinary Graduate Student Loan Playbook from the VIN Foundation provides detailed information to help new veterinary graduates worry less about loan repayment and focus more on being great veterinarians. The online resource includes three parts: (1) a video webinar on student loans, consolidation, repayment options and tools, (2) a guide for starting a loan repayment strategy as soon as possible after school, and (3) detailed answers to common questions on consolidation and income-driven repayment plans.

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Rayne Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition counseling

Rayne Nutrition, which provides whole-food, minimally processed veterinary diets for pets, has launched a service to provide pet nutrition advice to veterinary hospitals from independent experts throughout Canada, with U.S. expansion plans slated for later in 2019. The Clinical Advisory Team is composed of independent veterinarians and board-certified specialists in multiple disciplines, including nutrition, internal medicine, dermatology, cardiology, oncology and surgery. This team is available to provide unbiased expertise, guidance and support for individual case management.

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