dvm360 product report: Canine skin and equine performance supplements, plus a GPS-enabled pet tag

June 2, 2018

Ready for our regular rundown of new and notable veterinary products? Here we go


Skin health nutraceutical

Redonyl Ultra is a palatable veterinary nutraceutical that supports healthy skin function in dogs with seasonal allergies. The soft chews contain palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), which has been shown to have a downregulating effect on mast cell degranulation in canine skin and the release of several biological mediators involved in the development of unhealthy skin.

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Equine supplement

Equistro Myo Power is an equine product designed to support performance, endurance, normal muscle recovery and optimal lactic acid levels. Specifically formulated to benefit young and athletic horses where performance and endurance are important, the supplement contains readily assimilated proteins originating from milk, in addition to the amino acid L-leucine.

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Orivet Genetic Pet Care

Pet locator tag

Tap Tag helps pet owners reunite with their missing or lost pets. It features a unique near-field communication (NFC) chip and QR code identification tag capable of notifying pet owners of their pet's location by sharing the scanning device's GPS location.

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