dvm360 product report: AI for radiographs, faster lab results and more


Heres our regular rundown of new and notable veterinary products.


AI radiograph analysis

Vetology AI, which utilizes AI (“artifical intelligence” or “augmented interpretation”) technology, provides a resource for evaluating patient radiographs and determining necessary medical treatments. With the system, veterinarians can upload an image and receive a written analysis in less than 90 seconds, allowing for more immediate decision-making and consultation with pet owners. The AI software utilizes artificial neural networks that are trained on known normal and abnormal radiograph images. Through this specialized machine learning process, the software is able to alert a veterinarian to the presence or lack of medical abnormalities without human oversight.

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Faster reference lab results

IDEXX Laboratories has announced that its U.S. reference laboratory division will significantly expand its rapid overnight service, known as IDEXX-Direct, for thousands of rural U.S. veterinary practices. Through a new state-of-the-art reference laboratory in Louisville, Kentucky, IDEXX will provide thousands of veterinary hospitals across the country with additional flexibility by offering the latest possible patient sample pickup time with next-morning results. By offering a later pickup time for samples going to IDEXX Reference Laboratories, the IDEXX-Direct service helps ensure that all patient samples from the day can be sent to the laboratory that evening. This flexible and fast service option enables veterinarians to get patients' diagnostic results early the following morning so they can identify any next steps or begin treatment sooner.

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TeleVet, Vetsource

Home delivery, telemedicine platform partnership

Vetsource, an online veterinary pharmacy, home delivery system and healthcare services company, has announced a strategic partnership with TeleVet, a remote healthcare application and online platform that allows veterinary clinics to diagnose and treat their own patients remotely where a veterinarian-client-patient relationship has already been established. Telemedicine will help Vetsource customers extend their services to where their clients want to consume them, complementing the existing home delivery services, company representatives say. TeleVet offers virtual appointments and follow-up care via video calls, images and instant messaging.

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