dvm360 is making Fetch happen

August 27, 2017
Kristi Reimer Fender, News Channel Director

Kristi Reimer is editor of dvm360 magazine and news channel director for dvm360.com. Before taking over

The veterinary conference formerly known as CVC has much more than a new name.

You may be noticing some new colors and design elements splashed and sprinkled throughout the September issue of dvm360. That's because we've recently unveiled a new branding initiative that primarily focuses on our conference-heretofore referred to as CVC and henceforth to be known as something completely different-but also includes a new look and feel for the dvm360 print magazine and for dvm360.com, our portal website.

To get the full picture, let's start at the top. Our parent company is UBM, an events-first corporation headquartered in London that spans the globe and dominates its markets, which range from computer technology to fashion, life sciences to heavy machinery. We at dvm360 are proud to be part of UBM and excited about its commitment to the veterinary market and animal care in general.

The live content at CVC has always been presented by the team at dvm360 (which we know you rely on every day for your media content), but the connection has not always been clear-until now. We are hooking the power of dvm360 to our event in a whole new way.

To that end, CVC (which once stood for Central Veterinary Conference but outgrew that designation long ago when it expanded to both coasts) is now Fetch, a dvm360 conference. And we're not just changing the name, the logo and the colors  (though we absolutely love these changes and hope you do too!). We are working to deliver you a full-circle, 360-degree educational engagement experience that focuses on all the facets of your professional life.

In short, we don't just want you to come to Fetch to get your CE; we want to transform your life. We want you to go home from Fetch with renewed inspiration, enhanced wellness, a deeper sense of community with your fellow veterinary professionals, a suitcase full of solutions to your career problems-and that's just the start! Whether you're a longtime CVC veteran or a brand-spanking-new Fetch attendee, we hope you'll love what you discover. We can't wait to see you there!