The dvm360 Five: Episode 10


The Five explores punishment in the pet-food recall, news from WVC, and advice on fielding lots of client questions on a busy day.

Time again for The dvm360 Five. Give us five minutes, and we'll update you with the veterinary news, medicine, and business information you need to know right now.

In this edition of the Five, we learn the punishment for those responsible for the 2007 pet food recall, we get the latest news from the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, and we hear Dr. Ernie Ward explain how to handle well-meaning clients who ask a few too many questions during your extra-busy days.

Have a few more minutes? Get more on these topics:

Learn more about Chemnutra and the 2007 pet-food recall

Find out the top AKC breeds in different cities

Video: Hear more from Dr. Ernie Ward about focusing on the task at hand

Video: Dr. Ward shares a healthy frittata recipe

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