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A DVM Newsmagazine question for veterinarians

"Success is accomplishing a balance between career and family."

Kim Alexander-Gaines, DVM

Dover, Del.

"Success is using your abilities, skills and knowledge the best you can to further the profession."

Robert Malinowski, DVM

Holt, Mich.

"Success is locking up my clinic at the end of a busy day feeling very tired but very satisfied. Knowing that I have surrounded myself with competent staff and that we are capable of having an impact on our community."

Abby Snyder, DVM

Grandview, Mo.

"Success is knowing I have done the best that I could at the end of the day."

Gretchen Hui, DVM

Brighton, Mich.

"Knowing I am doing a good job, my employees are working hard and we're following all of the guidelines. That is success."

Sardar Tariq, DVM

Dillsburg, Pa.

"A level orstandard one sets that he or she wants to accomplish and defines to them that a job has been well done."

James Averill, DVM

East Lansing, Mich.

"Success is the ability to look forward to the day knowing that you will be able to use your skills and interests in a way that benefits the world."

Heather D. Bair MS, DVM

Bath, Mich.

"Satisfaction of using everything available to deliver first-rate service to clients, and in return get trust and respect for that service. "Success for the profession is when veterinarians as a group are seen as the number one profession to the public and media to think of first for animal health."

Jerry Quilling, DVM

Plymouth, Wis.

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