Dr. Jack Walther Recent Graduate Boot Camp Scholarship recipients announced


Fifteen recent graduates across the world will receive hands-on education and training



Viticus Group shared the 15 recipients of the Dr. Jack Walther Recent Graduate Boot Camp Scholarship. Held in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Viticus Group education centers, the boot camp will run June 5-7 for veterinarians that graduated from veterinary school up to 5 years ago. This scholarship has been supported by Thrive Pet Healthcare for 3 consecutive years and is this year's solo supporter.

“We’re thrilled to award these 15 scholarship recipients,” said Anthony Pease, DVM, MS, DACVR, chief veterinary medical officer, Viticus Group, in the release.1 “Their ambition to elevate the veterinary profession and provide the highest quality patient care is a direct correlation to the dedication that Dr Jack Walther exemplified.”

According to an organizational release,1 attendees at this year's boot camp will participate in small group lectures and hands-on instructions in dermatology (cytology), dentistry, and soft tissue surgery. Each scholarship covers registration fees, hotel accommodations, meals, and onsite transportation.

The following 15 veterinary professionals were selected to participate in the boot camp:1

  • Erica Addante, DVM
  • Angelica Breuker, DVM
  • Raquel Carbajal, DVM
  • Janna Draper, DVM
  • Alexandra Hyman, DVM
  • Sunhee Kim, DVM
  • Felicity Leonard, DVM
  • Grace Longcore, DVM
  • Wywy Goulda March, DVM
  • Adrienne Mulholland, DVM
  • Sofia Nava, DVM
  • Morgan Russ, DVM
  • Shazia Shafiq, DVM
  • Sunny Tung, BVMS
  • Ethan Williamson, DVM

Jack Walther, DVM, known as the “veterinarian’s veterinarian” worked in the industry inspiring young veterinarians and technicians through mentorship and his cases at the University of Nevada, Reno. He is a former president of the Nevada State Veterinary Association, chairman of the Nevada State Board of Veterinary Examiners, director of WVC, and chairman of the American Veterinary Medical Association Political Action Committee.

This article was updated on 6/6/2023.


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