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Dr Charles McMillan opens the first Black-owned GoodVets hospital

dvm360dvm360 April 2023
Volume 54
Issue 4
Pages: 16

The new hospital expands GoodVets outreach to Atlanta, GA

Charles McMillan, DVM, dvm360®editorial advisory board member, opened a brand-new hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. This new clinic will serve the West Buckhead community in Atlanta and was opened in partnership with GoodVets, a company that partners with veterinarians to create ownership opportunities in local markets.1

After completing construction in January 2023, GoodVets West Buckhead is located at 2275 Marietta Blvd NW, Suite 330. The hospital offers wellness and prevention services, diagnostics, routine and advanced surgery, virtual care, and urgent care. To celebrate the grand opening, GoodVets West Buckhead is offering free first exams to new patients.

GoodVets West Buckhead lobby. (Photo courtesy of GoodVets)

GoodVets West Buckhead lobby. (Photo courtesy of GoodVets)

“One of my goals is to develop the public’s understanding of veterinary medicine so that they may become more engaged and knowledgeable participants in their pets’ care. When pet parents are more knowledgeable, they make more informed decisions, which leads to better outcomes, happier staff, and happier pet owners. We are actively seeking out the best veterinary professionals in and around Atlanta to join our growing team so if you fit the bill, reach out to us at (404) 931-3003 or westbuckhead@goodvets.com to learn more,” McMillan, owner and medical director of GoodVets West Buckhead, said in a company release.1

“I am most excited to make my mark in Atlanta by providing the best care for companion animals, assembling a team of exceptional and diverse talent, and using this platform to increase diversity in the profession from a position of greater influence,” McMillan told dvm360®.

With McMillan as the owner and medical director, this makes the West Buckhead location the first Black-owned GoodVets hospital. According to the release, he is set to open 2 new GoodVets locations in Georgia, coming Summer 2023 in the Dunwoody and Toco Hills areas.

Charles McMillan, DVM, owner and medical director of GoodVets West Buckhead.

Charles McMillan, DVM, owner and medical director of GoodVets West Buckhead.

McMillan told dvm360®, “I feel a sense of pride, accomplishment, and fulfillment—this has been a long time coming. Having my own hospital as a Black veterinarian means I can now create opportunities for ethnically diverse individuals in the profession, and I can create a culture of excellence and inclusivity for my staff. Having worked in many different environments, I know how important a healthy workplace ecosystem is to prevent burnout, provide the best care for patients and preserve the love and passion we have for the profession. It is not lost on me that this accomplishment comes with great responsibility; I’m excited and ready for the task ahead!”

“Being an owner enables me to serve as a role model and advocate more strongly for diversity in the field of veterinary medicine. One of my goals is to increase awareness of the advantages of and need for greater diversity in veterinary medicine. I want to inspire more underrepresented individuals like me to pursue careers in this field and seek out leadership or ownership opportunities. Owning my hospital as a Black veterinarian enables me to spearhead initiatives to diversify the field through mentorship, externships, and other initiatives, and allows me to promote greater cultural competence in veterinary medicine, which can ultimately benefit all companion animals and their owners,” he added.


GoodVets launches in Atlanta with opening of Buckhead veterinary hospital offering free first exams. News release. GoodVets. Published February 8, 2023. Accessed February 15, 2023.

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