Doxycycline for treating dogs with heartworm infection-a do or a don't?

March 9, 2017

Two veterinary parasitology experts present their arguments for and against the routine use of this antibiotic in these cases.

At the most recent American Heartworm Society meeting, two diverging viewpoints on including doxycycline in the treatment for dogs with heartworm disease emerged.

First up, Laura Kramer, DVM, PhD, DEVPC, says, yes, doxycycline is an essential part of heartworm disease treatment. "We know that lung pathology and, of course, subsequently, clinical manifestations of adulticide therapy are much lower than if we weren't using doxycycline." Hear Dr. Kramer's whole story:

But not so fast, says colleague Dwight Bowman, PhD, who raises concerns about the possible development of doxycycline resistance. "I am very concerned about the overuse of doxycycline in the field of veterinary medicine." Hear Dr. Bowman's whole story: