Veterinary client handout: Speed up dermatology examinations by answering these five questions


Clients can help you solve their pets' skin issues.

Do your clients have questions about dermatology? Download this client handout with tips from Andy Rollo, DVM, a Veterinary Economics Editorial Advisory Board member, so clients can help you determine the best treatment for their pets. The tool guides clients through these possible causes for skin issues:

Prior symptoms

What problems has the client observed? Are the concerns just skin related, or are there other problems?

Travel history

Traveling to new places can lead to issues. Has the pet's environment changed in the recent past?


Has the pet's diet changed? Identify the brand names of the pet's food.


What parasite prevention does the pet use? Has the pet used any other medications or gone through any treatments?

Seasonal history

Does the pet only have issues during certain times of the year?

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