Don't half-ass your trainer recommendations


Are you giving behavior trainer recommendations without even realizing it?

When veterinary clients see those brochures for local dog services that litter your reception counter, they perceive them as recommendations and referrals, whether they're for a doggy daycare, a trainer or any other pet service. So treat them as recommendations! Ask yourself:

1. Is the person/business/facility professional?

2. What does your gut tell you about the business or businessperson?

3. If it's a dog trainer, does he or she use positive reinforcement and reward-based techniques?

4. If it's a dog trainer, is the person a good teacher? Does he or she explain information in a way that others can receive it? The ideal trainer will ask their clients how they learn best-by videos, verbally, by reading or with visuals, for example.

Finally, remember that your clients will consult Dr. Google. You can't stop them but you can direct them to the sources you trust for advice. 

Melissa Spooner, LVT, VTS (Behavior), BS, KPA-CTP, is a technician with Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester Hills, Michigan. 

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