Don't be the next internet scandal


Companies can get burned online when employees accidentally post personal comments on company accounts or on company websites or accidentally expose customer information. Here's a tip to keep your work social media device free and clear.

If you're taking pictures of veterinary patients to share on your website, in social media and in your e-newsletters, you should get a permission form from pet owners. (Here's an example you could use to get started on your own.

OK, you've got that. Now, stop for a second and ask yourself, who's got permission to take and post those pics? Your hospital. But if you've taken the common shortcut of getting the most social-media-savvy team member to take and share those pics for you, chances are good, all those pictures are on someone's personal phone.

That's a no-no, explained Dr. Sue Ettinger and Eric Garcia in a CVC San Diego session on social media.

Pony up a few hundred dollars and get yourself a clinic tablet or smartphone.

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