Does your veterinary team dis the dress code?


Expert advice on handling issues that are anything but black and white.

Talking to the veterinary practice staff about their appearance can be daunting prospect. Here Sheila Grosdidier, RVT, offers four top tips to talk to team members about tattoos, piercings, makeup and other dress code issues in the clinic.

First up: Can a veterinary practice manager dictate employees' makeup?

Coming up: Tattoos and piercings.


How should I approach a team member whose visible tattoo violates the dress code?

Next up: Nose rings, pierced eyebrows and more. 


Getting to the point about employee piercings: How to explain the policy to team members.

Talking about the dress code can be hard, especially for male managers. Get advice in this area next. 


As a male manager, what's the best approach to discuss dress code policy violations with female employees?

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