Does your on-hold music stink?

January 19, 2018
James Randolph, DVM

It's time to check what your veterinary clients are listening to.

"Press 1 for static-filled classical music. Press 2 for bad keyboards. Press 3 for 'The Girl From Ipanema' on out-of-tune accordion ... " ( supper last night, my wife complained about the screeching on-hold “music” she'd been subjected to while waiting to pay a bill over the phone (the company still doesn't offer online payments). She said, “Every CEO should be required to listen to that noise at least once monthly.”

We took her suggestion to heart at my veterinary clinic. We placed a reminder in our computer system that prompts us to call our clinic monthly and be put on hold to ensure our music is pleasing to our ears-and more importantly, our clients' ears.

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Dr. James Randolph owns Animal General Hospital in Long Beach, Mississippi.