Doberman receives artificial disc to correct wobbler syndrome


Surgery relieves spinal cord compression; dogs prognosis is good.

 A 7-year-old female Doberman pinscher named Berlin with a history of cervical intervertebral disc disease (wobbler syndrome) underwent a cervical disc arthroplasty to relieve compression of the spinal cord at NorthStar Vets in New Jersey, according to a hospital release. The disease is commonly seen in large-breed dogs and the compression of the spinal cord or nerve roots leads to limb weakness, muscle loss in shoulders and neck pain.

“After reviewing all of the therapeutic options, the pet owner and medical team decided to move forward with a revolutionary new procedure called cervical disc arthroplasty (artificial disc placement),” says specialist Melissa Logan, DVM, DACVIM (neurology), in the release. “During the surgery, the intervertebral disc is partially removed and an artificial disc is placed, thereby mimicking the function of a healthy disc and allowing normal movement of the joint.”

According to the release, Berlin is doing well and being weaned off medication. With physical rehabilitation, her long-term comfort and quality of life prognosis is good.

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