Do I have to offer boarding at my veterinary clinic? Does it have to be luxury?

December 19, 2017
Ashley Shoults, AIA

If your business is in order and your clients are receptive, boarding can be a great supplemental offering, this architect says.

Do you get the feeling that offering fancy boarding options to clients has become compulsory for veterinary practices? Not necessarily, says Ashley Shoults, AIA, of Animal Arts, at the Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Conference. She says boarding can be an added bonus for pet owners-not to mention your bottom line-as long as it's something your customers are interested in.

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"You have to look at who your clients are and what kind of motivators they have," she says. "If you're in a more rural setting, luxury boarding probably isn't going to serve your community."

She also cautions that the building and staffing of luxury boarding areas create additional costs that you'll need to account for in your financial analysis of the service.

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