Dirt and dander? Suck it up!


This home-bathing system will help dog owners circumvent the normal headaches of getting their pooches squeaky clean.

The stormy weather of spring and summer. Aside from triggering thunderstorm phobia woes (which is a whole other story), it brings lush greenery and flowers but also muddy messes in the form paw prints and smudges scampered about the house after a storm. Ever get this messy complaint from your veterinary clients?

(Images courtesy of Bissell BarkBath)If so, you might want to introduce your clients to the Bissell BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System. Not just for removing that loose hair to prevent shedding (though some of your clients may already be using their traditional vacuums for this). The nozzle cycles water and shampoo past a pet's skin before being immediately sucked back into the unit. Just put warm water in the tank, add shampoo specially designed for the BarkBath, hold the nozzle to the dog's fur and go.

That's gotta be scary for the dog though, right? Just think how dogs typically react to regular vacuums whizzing about the house-hiding, shivering, charging at the “enemy.” Included is a video to help train dogs to become accustomed to the noise. A special mat is also included to help cut down on the commotion.

The cleaning system saves on water usage as well-only 48 oz of water is needed to bathe an 80-lb dog, compared with 19 gal in your typical bathtub. Not to mention neither the dog nor the dog owner will be soaked at the end of the process.

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