Digital Radiography Imaging System


Eklin Medical Systems introduces the EDR-100A Digital Radiography System' for the veterinary/equine practice.

Eklin Medical Systems introduces the EDR-100A Digital Radiography System'for the veterinary/equine practice. The easy-to-move clinical system usesthe 6.5 mega-pixel Canon Medical Systems" 9-in. x 11-in. direct captureX-ray sensor and features 100-micron pixel resolution. The system enablesthe rapid conversion from film to direct digital imaging, and provides displayof the radiograph on the operator's touch-panel within seconds after exposure­ thus eliminating the time, labor, darkroom and chemicals associatedwith film imaging, the company says. A powerful suite of image enhancementtools is included with the EDR-100A. Designed for fast data entry and useat the point of exam, the operating software tracks patient data, anatomicalregion, enhancement preferences, and time and date, the company says. TheEDR-100A communicates with review workstations using the medical DICOM standardand 100BaseT Ethernet. Eklin workstations are used to review, annotate,measure, print or send images or reports (via e-mail or the Internet), andcreate image CD's for referring clinicians or clients. Eklin offers a completeline of workstations, monitors, printers and storage devices, as well assensor holders and tunnels. Comprehensive installation and training is included.

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