Digital pub Diggo aims to close communication gap between veterinarians, pet owners

dvm360dvm360 October 2019
Volume 50
Issue 10
Kansas City

Launched at Fetch dvm360 conference in Kansas City, this new resource provides an unbiased, unfiltered view from veterinary clients.

Diggo, a new digital publication from Trone Research + Consulting, aims to close the communication gap between pet owners and veterinarians by providing an “unbiased and unfiltered view from pet owners,” according to a release from the company.

The Diggo publication covers topics that veterinarians say are important to their businesses. In addition to pet owner insights, the report provides “solution-oriented assessment” so veterinarians and practice owners can make solid decisions that help keep current veterinary clients and grow their practices overall.

Diggo was born out of years of marketing research involving both veterinarians and pet owners on shared topics, the release states. This research consistently found that what veterinarians believe pet owners think is drastically different from what pet owners actually say, creating a knowledge and communication gap.

“We share a common belief with veterinarians: the health of pets comes first and foremost,” says Doug Barton, founder of Diggo and president of Trone Brand Energy, “and we believe pet owners need a voice. These reports are created specifically for veterinarians with no manufacturer bias. We aim to close the knowledge gap by providing a valuable, actionable resource to support veterinarians' businesses in these changing times.”

According to the release, the first Diggo report features data that questions recent industry statistics claiming veterinary visits are declining. The report states that this simply isn't true. Rather, there are more alternatives to traditional veterinary care than ever before, and many pet owners are taking advantage of these alternatives. Pet owners' desires and needs are vastly changing when it comes to accessibility, trust and loyalty.

“I pride our practice in understanding our clients' needs,” says Brian Barnett, DVM, owner of Randolph Animal Hospital in Asheboro, North Carolina. “After reading the Diggo summer report, my eyes were opened to customer issues and information we were missing. I love the report, especially the action items. Information is great, but what to do with it is key.”

More information about Diggo, as well are reports available for purchase, are available at their website. Veterinary professionals interested in providing input for upcoming research studies can contact Kimberly Ness at or (336) 819-6933.

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