Decoding ECGs patterns


Frank Bozelka, DVM, gives an inside look some of the take aways attendees received during his previous Fetch Nashville lecture

During an interview with dvm360 at the this year's Fetch Nashville conference, Frank Bozelka, DVM, recapped portions of his lecture, including basic patterns that can set the stage for a abnormal ECG strips in an emergency patient.

Below is a full transcript of the video.

Frank Bozelka, DVM: Some of the basic patterns other than a normal sinus rhythm are ventricular rhythms, atrial rhythms, and then ad blockers are going to be the big 3 that we're going to cover in the lecture...Whenever I'm looking at an ECG, or whenever I'm training anybody to look at an ECG and interpret what's going on the two big questions are what's the rate? And then what type of rhythm are we looking at?

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