December Firstline Challenge topic: Professional growth


Complete these activities to keep your career moving forward.

Each phase of the Firstline Challenge's professional growth component walks you through a series of activities that will help build your career. We envision that completing all four phases will take you about one month, but you're welcome to go at whatever pace is comfortable for you. To get started, check out No. 1 in Phase 1. Good luck, and enjoy!

Phase 1: Learn more

We suggest you complete one of these steps each day.

    1. Read "8 ways to earn the respect you deserve" by Brendan Howard, senior editor

    2. Read "4 true burnout survival stories"

    3. Watch "Are you ready for your annual review" with Dr. Nan Boss

    4. Read "Change is happening. Can you adapt?" by Shawn McVey, MA, MSW

Phase 2: Take action

We suggest you complete these activities over the course of two weeks.

    1. Fill out this goal planning form to chart your career course.

    2. Every successful team member has a handle on practice finances. Learn about them by playing these fun and educational games.

    3. Use this self-evaluation form to take stock of your professional performance.

    4. Complete these 10 simple activities that will help you grow in your job.

Phase 3: Assess your progress

We suggest you complete these steps over the course of one week.

    1. Do you know where the practice's money goes? Take this BizQuiz to find out.

    2. Update your resume regardless of whether you're looking for a job. Doing so will help you see your strengths. (Need resume help? Click here.)

    3. Managers: Test your knowledge of employee motivation strategies.


Phase 4: Enjoy

Doing all this to grow professionally will only make you happier in your day-to-day work life. Congratulations on a job well done!

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