Cuddle up: Pet owners across the map bunk with pets


A new study says Americans aren't the only people bunking with their pets every night.

You know your veterinary clients love to cuddle with their pets so it should come as no surprise that the same holds true across the pond. A recent survey from the British Polling Council polled 2,000 people and found that British pet owners love to cuddle up with their dogs and cats just as much as we do. A quarter of Brits regularly allow their pets to sleep in the same bed as a family member, according to the poll. And almost 16 percent always share the sheets with a bedtime companion other than a spouse—a furry companion, that is. The survey revealed that women are more likely than men to be battling for a spot on the bed with their pet—27 percent compared to 22 percent, respectively.

Other statistics from the poll revealed that pets in Scotland are most likely to be sleeping on their owner’s bed—37 percent of Scottish people admit to sharing the bed with their pooch. Only 4 percent of pet owners said their furry friends wear animal pajamas. Pet owners between the ages of 25 and 34 are twice as likely than the national average to don their pet in special night clothing.

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