Create a targeted veterinary marketing campaign

March 7, 2017

Follow these step-by-step instructions from AVImark to uncover the right client mix for your next campaign.

We recently reached out to veterinary software provider AVImark and asked how our readers can use the software to find a subset of clients to target ads, marketing and other offers to. The company's step-by-step instructions are below:

Use the “Information Search” tool

AVImark's Information Search tool allows you to search your database for groups of clients or patients that fit specified criteria. Searches may be set up for multiple categories of information (client, patient, accounting and medical history information) or multiple values within each category (date ranges, descriptions and dollar amounts). This feature allows you to send newsletters and birthday cards, or even targeted marketing campaigns to specific groups of clients. The data can be sorted, filtered, printed, emailed and exported to a variety of formats, including spreadsheets.

Here's how to set up a new search:

1. On the menu bar, click on Work with | Information Search.

2. On the right side of the screen, choose New to create a new search.

3. Select the Category the search should be assigned to.

4. Enter a Code and Name for the search. Enter a brief description in the note area.

All images courtesy of AVImark. 5. Click OK, and then click Cancel if you don't need to create additional searches.

6. Double-click on the name of the search in the standard Information Search window.

7. On the Search Criteria tab, right-click and select New Condition.

8. Select the area of the database to define the criteria. Click Next.

9. With Search based on particular Patient field value selected, click Next.

10. Select the field to search, and then click Next.

11. Set the criteria by selecting parameters and values.

12. Click Finish.

13. Repeat as necessary to narrow the search.

14. On the Report Criteria tab, click + to view and select the Client and Patient fields to go on the report.

15. Click on the field, and then click the green arrow to move the field to the right.

16. Repeat as necessary.

17. To sort the records, double-click in the blank cell to the right of the field to sort by (below the heading labeled Sorted.)

18. Enter the Sort Order number or select Ascending or Descending from the drop-down list.

19. Click OK to save changes.

20. On the Search Results tab, click the Search button. The results will appear in the window.

21. Click Results from the menu bar and choose to Email, Export or Print the results.

22. Click Save if you want to save the results to the screen; otherwise, click Cancel.


Still need some coaching? Contact AVImark's Training Department at or 855-838-7638.